Super Bowl is the Name, and Football is the Game. These Super Bowl Party Ideas are going to be perfect for whatever type of party you’re throwing.

It really doesn’t matter which teams are playing in the Super Bowl; the day reflects a great reason for gathering with friends and family to have a great time.

Here are 5 Super Bowl party ideas you need to create a stress-free get-together.

If you’re looking for some game day recipes, here are 7 easy recipes everyone will love.

5 Super Bowl Party Ideas For An Epic Celebration

Super Bowl is the Name, and Football is the Game. These Super Bowl Party Ideas are going to be perfect for whatever type of party you're throwing.

What Not to Worry About

Your floors, your make-up, or your clutter (unless the clutter is on chairs, of course). A Super Bowl party is relaxed. Don’t spend time and energy on your house; instead, get ready to enjoy your relationships.

Invite Friends & Family

Whom will you invite, and how will you invite them? Will you invite a specific group of people, or random people from different groups that make you feel happy?

Then, decide on how you will invite them. Will you call, text, email, snapchat, or all the above? Or, will you find one of those great websites that have dancing invitations and you can upload images of the quarterbacks’ heads on dancing moose or something? Keep it fun and simple, but create invitations in such a way that you can keep track of RSVPs.

Here’s a great website that allows you to send e-invitations, plus they help you keep track of RSVPs.

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“Chip” in with Food & Drinks

Everybody can contribute something to keep the costs down. From favorite drinks to healthy or unhealthy snacks, each person can offer a favorite food.

Here’s a website that provides several football-themed recipes.

“Throw” Out Some Decorations

Keep your decorations football-themes and not necessarily Super Bowl themed, so you can use them again and again. Examples:

  • Buy a green tablecloth for “Astro Turf.” Use white tape or a white chalk marker to draw the yard lines.
  • Cut out green felt pennants to hang on the wall.
  • Cut out paper footballs with brown construction paper to create a banner.
  • Make goal posts out of yellow balloons and attach them to foam board. Place throughout the room.

Here and here are websites that offer a few ideas for decorating.

5 Super Bowl Party Ideas For An Epic Celebration

Compete with Pre-Game Games

Once the game starts, folks won’t be so eager to take their eyes off of the television, but before the game, create your own competition.

  • Have a field-goal kicking contest with paper footballs. This website teaches you how to fold the paper into a triangle-football.
  • Create a football trivia game. The Washington Times provides questions you can use.
  • Have a jersey-decorating contest. Buy t-shirts from your local craft store, along with some washi tape. Have each person decorate his shirt to show his team spirit. Vote on the best shirt.
  • Create a list of “things” questions everyone has to answer. Then someone chooses the best answer. Examples:
    • Things you never want the coach to say about that play
    • Things your opponent might say about your grandmother
    • Things the commentator might say that’s obvious (and therefore, stupid)
    • Things the water boy might think
    • Things the opposing crowd says about your cheerleaders

There you have it—five tips on throwing a great Super Bowl party without fumbling the evening. Go Team!

Tammy Tilley
Tammy Tilley
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