It’s finally fall and in my mind that means more time entertaining and playing outside in the back yard — and maybe time for some outdoor pallet projects! These three fall months are perfect for playing outside as the bugs start to hide, the grass grows a little slower and the sun’s heat is a bit gentler. In our yard we have a playscape and a few kids’ toys but little to be seen in terms of entertaining actual adults.

This realization lead me to brainstorm affordable options for maximizing our backyard entertaining space so we could use it well this fall. First, I decided that I’ll be closely patrolling neighborhood yard sales and Facebook selling groups for bargain deals. Secondly, you can bet I’ll be checking in on my local thrift store periodically and finally, I may just get my DIY on! Here are a few easy outdoor pallet projects that I’m thinking about trying for our yard this year.

After your outdoor pallet projects are finished, try out these creative weekend ideas with your friends!

5 DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects

With more time spent entertaining and playing outside in the backyard, it's time to get your DIY on! Here are a few easy DIY outdoor pallet projects to try!

Pallet Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is simple but adds a lot of ambiance to a bare outdoor wall. Once you have a pallet on hand you have a few options. You can stain it or leave it as is AND you can choose to remove a few boards for interest or leave it as a whole piece. After that, head to your local hardware store and purchase 8-12 mason jars and hose clamps that will fit the mouth of whatever mason jar size you have on hand.

After you have all of your supplies use a drill to make a hole in each hose clamp as well as a pilot hole in your pallet where you want the jar to attach. Once these holes are made screw your hose clamps into the pallet. Now, the rest is all fun! Fill the jars with plants, candles or even little trinkets! Have fun with it! You’ve just made a great wall hanging for no more than $30!

Easy Pallet Outdoor Table

5 DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects For Your Backyard

For this project you will need two identical pallets, stain of your choice, castor wheels, screws, a drill, 8 L brackets and a 4”x4”. Once you have located your identical pallets, begin staining the 4×4 as well as the pallets.

Once they are all dry, cut four equal pieces your 4×4 according to how high you want the table to sit. Use your L brackets to attach your 4×4 section to the corner of each pallet. Finally turn your table over drill in pilot holes for the castor wheels. Screw in the wheels and you have the perfect addition to any outdoor patio!

Pallette Wood Shed

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This pallet wood shed is made of 2-3 pallets (depending on the size), a few extra two by fours, a drill and some screws. You can add some shingles for extra protection against rain if you wish.

Drink Bar

This drink bar is already on my waiting list as a project for my sister and I to build together. All you need are two pallets, outdoor safe white paint, three cement tiles, heavy duty construction adhesive for wood and cement, a drill, clamps and a drop cloth. Watch this video for step by step instructions that are thorough and easy to understand. You’ll see why this project is at the top of my DIY backyard furniture list!

5 DIY Outdoor Pallet Projects For Your Backyard

Outdoor Working Station

This working station uses a bit more than just a pallet or two but its uses are infinite! Build this Station and use it to serve drinks or hors d’oeuvres at your next backyard party. Use it as a gardening tool station near your flower garden or you can even purpose it to hold “handy man” tools under your deck or behind your house.

Whatever use you choose, this bench is worth the work and a fraction of the cost of purchasing a newly made work bench or serving table — especially if you already have some scrap wood and paint hanging around!!

And so, as fall makes its entry into our beautiful world, get in touch with your inner handy-man and try creating something new with something old. These outdoor pallet projects will be a great place to start. You’ll be recycling and repurposing! Now, that’s my kind of fall project.

The best diy backyard pallet ideas! With more time spent entertaining and playing outside in the backyard, it's time to get your DIY on! Here are a few easy DIY outdoor pallet projects to try!

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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