With Christmas a week away, I am starting to turn my attention to the New Year. Yes, I am considering my resolutions and taking time to reflect but I’m also trying to figure out how our family is going to CELEBRATE and what New Year’s Eve games we should play! (Not, to mention January 1st is my birthday!)

Whatever we decide to do, I know that we will be with people that we love and that we will have A LOT of time to pass. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few New Year’s Eve games that I think would be fun to play while we wait for the ball to drop. Maybe they would be a hit for your family too! Check ‘em out.

5 New Year’s Eve Games To Liven Up Any Party

Here are a few New Year's Eve games that would be fun to play while you wait for the ball to drop. They are sure to liven up any New Year's Eve party!

Snowman Drawing Game

This Snowman Drawing Game takes very few supplies and you’ll be surprised to see the funny looking snowmen that the game produces. Everyone will enjoy the challenge and a laugh as you each try and draw a snowman on a paper plate. Sounds easy enough right? What if that plate is on top of your head and you can’t see your masterpiece? This game is a perfect way to pass some time before the countdown.

Saran Wrap Party Ball

Making a Saran Wrap Party Ball is easy but you’ll have to do a bit of shopping for this game. Purchase a collection of small “prizes” like candy, $5 gift cards, random goody bag toys that you can find at your local party store, etc. Begin by wrapping the best prize in saran wrap and then use more wrap to add the other prizes to it until a ball forms. To play, one person starts to unwrap until the next person in the circle rolls doubles on a pair of dice. Whatever they unwrap, they get to keep! See the blog post for other ideas to make the game more interesting and challenging for the players.

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The Best of 2017

This “game” is more of  conversation starter for your party members. Use the link on the blog to print out the “Best of 2017” cards. Put all of the cards in a hat and take turn drawing them out. Enjoy hearing your friends opinions about best movie, best song, best actor or actress. Laugh as everyone shares their most embarrassing moment of the year and maybe even reflect with one another as you share the best advice that each of you were given that year. This game makes for a memorable, fun and meaningful evening.

5 New Year's Eve Games To Liven Up Any Party

Balloon POP Countdown

If you have a house full of kiddos for the New Years countdown, this idea  is for you. First, type up a few activities that you think your children will enjoy. This blogger made cupcakes, had a few special snacks, painted t-shirts, made a craft and MORE. You can get as creative or stay as simple as you would like. Print out your list and put each idea inside of a balloon marked with the time to pop it. Your kids will have fun all night long which means less whining and more fun for you!

Mad Libs New Year Resolutions

This game is another free printable that can be fun for school age kids and adults. Have everyone complete their Mad Lib and then take turns reading them aloud for some laughs.

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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