Bummed that you’re staying at home this year for Spring Break?  Had to put your dreams of Punta Cana on hold?  Fear no more!  There are plenty of fun ways to avoid the dreaded “Spring Break Blues” at home or in town.

Here are five ideas to make the most of your Spring Break without breaking your wallet:

  1. Be a tourist in your own town –  Does your town have any cool art or history museums?  Is there a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try?  Maybe a movie that’s been on your list?  Now is the time to hit the town!  Most towns even have a department of tourism that offer pamphlets filled with historical sites, museums, and landmarks that you might not have even realized your town had to offer!

  1. Get a hotel room… in town! –  One way to not break the bank but still feel like you’re getting away for the break is to book a night at a hotel in town!  Take a dip in the pool, draw a bath, and eat all of the continental breakfast your heart desires.  A night in a hotel can be just the R&R you need, but by staying local, it makes for a much more affordable getaway.

  1. Volunteer –  A more of an altruistic, but still very fun and rewarding way to spend Spring Break is by volunteering!  Find a local animal shelter, nursing house, or soup kitchen and lend a helping hand for the week, or even just a day.  Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone might lead you to something completely new that you love and are passionate about.  Your community will thank you!

  2. Explore the town over –  Tired of the same shops and restaurants?  Try the town over from yours!  Your favorite new pizza joint or theater or ice cream shop could be just minutes away, and you would never have known!  Drive around and check out the local architecture and parks.

  3. Get ahead on Spring Cleaning –  Perhaps a slightly less exciting way to spend your week off, but getting ahead on Spring cleaning is a totally productive and effective way to beat the Spring Break blues!  Completely gut that old closet you have been avoiding for the past month, and organize your things based on what you want to keep and what you want to throw away or donate.  Cleaning is a very cleansing activity – both for your home and your soul!  (Plus, getting rid of old items means that there is room for new items!  Treat yourself to a little shopping once you’ve completely finished!)

Jane Jozefowicz
Jane Jozefowicz
Jane Jozefowicz is a rising sophomore at the University of Chicago, where she studies Linguistics and Computer Science.  Jane plays trombone and lacrosse and is the biggest animal lover you'll meet!