I absolutely love making things myself. And after having a baby, my craft to-do list just keeps increasing! My latest project is homemade modeling clay. One of the reason I prefer making things myself instead of buying them is that I can use non-toxic ingredients. Having a baby really made me realize that I don’t want my baby playing with ingredients I can’t even pronounce!

Another benefit that comes along with these DIY projects is the cheaper price. It turns out that I can make things for a fraction of the price, with ingredients I already have at home! These are the reasons why I started doing all I could at home for my baby. I also love being able to bond with my baby!

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Natural Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe For Kids

Try this easy and natural homemade modeling clay recipe for kids! Use non-toxic ingredients so you don't have to worry and have fun with your kids!

By making their games and toys themselves, the kids also learn to enjoy the construction process and the advantage of knowing how some products are made. It also helps with their creativity and motor skills. 

This homemade modeling clay is my latest project. It’s very easy and fast and the result was surprisingly good, just like the industrial one. 

It’s too easy not to try for yourself! 


Natural Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe For Kids

Natural Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe For Kids

  • 2 cups of salt
  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • water

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1.  Stir salt & water in a saucepan over medium heat for 5 minutes. 

2.  Remove from heat, add food coloring (optional), cornstach + cold water. 

3.  Stir until smooth; return to heating it just a bit more to cook. It becomes thick here. 

4.  Let the clay cool. 

5.  Play! 

6.  Then, you can store it in a plastic bag (in the fridge).

Let your kids explore their creativity and learn how to make different shapes. After they make some fun shapes, you can even break out the paint and glitter! 

Natural Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe For Kids

***This is a guest post from Dâmares Lima. She blogs over at How To Marry A Millionaire. If you want to see more crafts like these, head over to her blog or Instagram.

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