With these 14 DIY Christmas ornaments, you’re sure to find one you love!

In my family Christmas is quite a sha-bang! If we’re with my Dad’s side of the family then we’re with about thirty-five relatives — yes, all under one roof! If we go to my parent’s house for the holidays it always includes my husband’s family and a few friends who may not have family to celebrate with. Someday, we will host the Grand Holiday but, that’s not quite in the cards for us with our tiny kitchen and mini oven!

Wherever we are celebrating you can count on delicious food and LOTS of decorations. This year, I’m looking into making some DIY Christmas ornaments and also considering using them as gifts for close friends and family. Here’s an assortment of ornaments that range from crafts you can make with the kids to more delicate types. Enjoy!

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14 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Any Tree

This year, I’m making my own Christmas ornaments and will use them as gifts for friends and family. Here are 14 DIY Christmas ornaments you will love!

To Make with the Kids

Salt Dough Fingerprint Christmas Trees

These salt dough DIY Christmas ornaments are next on my Christmas To Do list. My daughter made some special wooden ornaments for the family and I am planning to have my son make handprint salt dough ornaments. I think these will be a great hit with the grandparents all around!

Snowmen Clothespin Ornaments

These clothespin ornaments are simple to make and would be fun on the tree or they could be used to hold up those many Christmas cards on a thick piece of twine across the mantle.

Melted Bead Ornaments

These melted bead ornaments would require close parental supervision but kids will have a hay day watching their beads melt into a special masterpiece!

Ornaments Made with Natural Elements

Dried Orange Garland

This dried orange garland has been on my mind this holiday season. I saw something similar to this garland a a Whole Foods several years ago and have always wanted to make it. I would add some dried cranberries and lemons for some added variety.

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Magnolia Leaf Garland

This magnolia leaf garland only requires a few supplies and will add a beautiful natural touch to your indoor decor.

Pinecone Garland

This pinecone garland is virtually free if you can find a tree nearby. Consider adding glitter or gluing festive beads to the pinecones for a special touch.

Repurposed Ornaments

Scrabble Tile Ornaments

These scrabble ornaments are perfect if you have a Scrabble (or other letter tile game) that is missing pieces. You could also find a used board at your local thrift store at a significantly discounted price. Either way, mix it up! Choose some different phrases and see how many festive ornaments you can make from a game that was about to be tossed.

Wine Cork Angels

These wine cork angels are sweet and simple to assemble. If you have a jar of corks lying around from the wine bottles of your past, you have most everything you need for this task.

Mason Jar Wreath Ornaments

These mason jar wreaths are perfect if you have lids that are beginning to rust and need another purpose. You can also buy new lids at your local grocery store. There are so many options for decorating your wreaths, making it easy to personalize for each person on your gift list.

14 DIY Christmas Ornaments To Decorate Any Tree

Paint Chip Christmas Garland

How fun is this paint chip garland?! It’s completely free and SO colorful. This would be the perfect decoration for my kid’s bedroom or for a holiday party on a dime!

Glittered Star Garland

I love that this star garland is made with recycled boxes. It requires very few materials and makes for a quick festive addition to your usual holiday decor.

Ornaments for the Crafter

Beaded Wreaths

I was just at my local craft store yesterday and saw such a beautiful, rather grand bead selection! These beaded wreaths are simple and can be made to be fancy, fun or consider a wooden bead for a more natural look.

Ribbon and Bead Tree Ornaments

These Ribbon Tree ornaments are easy to make and only require a few supplies. They will test your needle skills so it may be an adventurous craft for some.

Sewn Felt Christmas Trees

These felt Christmas Trees are a perfect finish to my ornament list. They are sewn, include hand stitched “decorations” and are stuffed with fluff to perfection. If you’re sew savvy, these are for you!

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Alise Durkota
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