As summer break begins to wind down, we often find ourselves with the desire to preserve all of the memories we made. However, you might feel that you lack the time or creativity to make it happen. Luckily, there are several options available that will ensure the preservation of your memorable moments without missing a beat. Here are 10 different scrapbooking ideas you need to try!

5 Different Scrapbooking Ideas

Summer’s not over yet, so keep making memories while knowing you’ll be able to easily record them all with these different scrapbooking ideas!

Check out these easy summer decoration ideas to brighten your home!

Digital Albums

Upload your photos and customize your own digital scrapbook! Follow the guidelines from a pre-made design, or create your own layout as you go. There is even an option via Shutterfly to have a designer put the book together for you, saving you even more time.

One great perk is that you can order multiple copies and distribute to friends and family members so that everyone can enjoy reliving the memories. Other favorites who offer this service are Artifact Uprising and Pinhole Press.

Ready Made Scrapbook Albums

These are scrapbooks that you can buy at craft stores and they come with the pages already decorated- all you need to do is add your pictures! You can personalize the pages even more by writing down thoughts or adding fun stickers and other decorations — but the book is beautiful and ready to go even without that extra touch.

This option is great for those who used to scrapbook and don’t have the time to do it anymore, but still have leftover supplies and want to add their own personal details.

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Pioneer Albums

Take it old school and preserve your summer adventure memories with a basic photo album book- but give it a little “oomph” by using a book with memo spaces so that you can jot down notes and creative captions. This is probably the least exciting option, but it’s a time saver and gets the job done. What’s important is actually printing your pictures and documenting the moments that you’d like to remember.

5 Different Scrapbooking Ideas To Try Right Now


Creating a Chatbook takes 30 seconds, so this is the ultimate memory-preserving time saver! You can sign up for the service and leave the rest to them. They link to your Instagram account and after every 60 photos posted, a small book is created using the original captions. You can edit if you choose, and then it is mailed your way! Watch the promo video on their website to learn about all of the cool features.

Project Life

This is similar to the usual scrapbook in style, but without the amount of time and planning. These books come with “pocket pages,” into which you can just slip your photos. The great thing about the pockets is that you can also slide in the memorabilia you want to save, like ticket stubs. Forget the glue stick and slide right into beautiful records of your summer travels!

Summer’s not over yet, so keep making memories while knowing that you’ll be able to easily record them all when the time comes with these different scrapbooking ideas!

Summer’s not over yet, so keep making memories while knowing you’ll be able to easily record them all with these different scrapbooking ideas!

Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi
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