Before choosing a backpack for your upcoming adventures, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. You need to know what you want in a bag. Will you need to carry hydration? Do you need protection from weather? Do you need extra room to carry a laptop or tablet? Are security features important for your trip? Will you have size restrictions due to air travel? With this list of my 5 best travel backpacks you’ll have all you need to make the best choice for your next escapade.

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to read these tips on combatting jetlag and getting kids back on track.

5 Best Travel Backpacks

With this list of my 5 best travel backpacks you’ll have all you need to make the best choice for your next escapade and you can take your travels anywhere!

Pacsafe Vibe 20L

When looking for the best travel backpacks, The Vibe is perfect for a weekend away. It has just enough room for a few outfits and the essentials- toiletries, money and travel ID. Buyers boast its casual but professional look. With its understated tones, this pack is versatile and could be for day to day use or a short travel venture. With a price of $76.46, it is one of the most affordable high-quality travel packs around. In addition to this already ideal backpack, the Vibe is lightweight and includes space for a waterbottle and laptop.

Pacsafe Venturesafe Exp45 Anti-Theft 45 L Carry-on Travel Pack

The PacSave Venturesafe Travel Pack is my choice for backpacking adventures. For 179.95, you get much more than you pay for. The most important factor to consider with a backpacking adventure is comfort and this is where the Venturesafe takes the cake. It has padded adjustable shoulder straps, a sternum strap and waist belt. This makes it easy to carry all the equipment you need to climb the highest heights.

If you’re traveling via air  to your climbing destination you’ll  be happy to hear that the straps conveniently stow away, making it compact and easy to check. The only downside to this pack is that the pack itself is water resistant but not waterproof so, you will have to purchase a water cover if you’re expecting precipitation.

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Osprey Farpoint 55

The Osprey Fairpoint 55 Travel is ideal for traveling abroad. It’s unisex look makes it versatile for use by each member of the family. It includes lockable zippers so you cas rest assured that your belongings won’t be snagged. The Fairpoint 55 also has (my favorite feature) compression straps that will hold your gear tightly and securely but is only built to carry up to 50 pounds.

Since air travel will likely be involved, it’s important that this back pack meet the carry on requirements and … it does! In addition, the straps can be stowed away for a slimmer look. Traveling abroad often means that your bag will be tossed and bumped and can take a beating but rest assured that this pack is tough and more than able to take the beating.

Osprey Poco AG Premium

I’m a fan of the Ergo carrier so when it came to looking for a kid-carrying pack, I had some high expectations;  knew what I liked and knew what I didn’t like. As a kid + storage pack the Osprey Poco reigned supreme. For $330 you will be guaranteed a venture with a happy and comfortable baby because this pack includes features with the littles in mind. There are two strong handles for easy lifting while the child is inside.

5 Best Travel Backpacks To Take Your Travels Anywhere

As for the seat,Osprey considered all of a child’s needs. For optimum coziness, the entire seat is padded and fleece covered; the seat also boasts an optional shade cover and an additional pad for all that sweet, inevitable baby drool. When taking the pack off for a break, you can stand the carrier up with the collapsing/ locking foot bar making it an easy seat for your child to eat a quick snack or grab a swig of water.

Parents, don’t worry,the designers at Osprey thought about your needs too! They pushed the limits on support for this one, giving you a large hip belt and adjustable shoulder harness, plus convenient, easy to reach storage pouches.

Mindshift Firstlight 30L 

While the Mindshift Firstlight is my most expensive pick at 279.99, it is the perfect choice for traveling photographers who intend to endure long days of travel. It has plenty of room for large cameras and long lenses, space for hydration, laptops, personal gear and a tripod while still meeting the carry on requirements for most major airlines.

One of these backpacks is bound to meet your needs but before you head to the store take some time to consider the function and purpose of your backpack. Doing this will help you make a smart choice that you can be confident about. Happy travels!

What are the best travel backpacks you love to travel with?

Here are the ultimate travel backpacks! With this list of my 5 best travel backpacks you’ll have all you need to make the best choice for your next escapade and you can take your travels anywhere!

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