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June 20, 2019
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Back To School Backpack Trends For 2023

It’s time for back to school shopping meaning that you are in the market for a backpack that will last all year long—and be something your kids will be excited to wear each day. This means parents must balance their kid’s desire for function and fun. Here are some of the best backpack trends of 2023.

Backpacks For Preschoolers And Kindergarteners

While they don’t need to bring as much with them to school as your older kids your little ones still need a place to stash snacks, lunch, and their favorite toys. Make sure to purchase a backpack that is small and light, but also fun. Top picks are animal or cartoon character shaped backpacks or backpacks like the options from Cocomilo. Also, consider packs with cartoon characters, superhero, and fun graphics printed on. Pottery Barn also has an age-appropriate line for toddlers and elementary school-aged kids.

Backpacks For 1st Grade Through 4th Grade

This age group will require a medium-sized classic backpack with more function than younger kids, but you still want to keep things fun. Look for a backpack with at least one interior and exterior pocket, and maybe even a slot to hold their water bottle. Classics like Columbia, Lands’ End, or JanSport in fun patterns and prints are all excellent options. Or look at the print and patterned kids options from Pottery Barn or Garnet Hill that you can have personalized by having their name embroidered on.

Backpacks For 5th Through 8th Grade

The need for durability, item-specific pockets, and ample space are a must. Kids in this age group are still looking for a backpack that is fun but in colors and prints that are a bit more mature. Brands like Under Armour, Nike, Champion, Adidas have age-appropriate options to choose from. Backpacks will start getting heavier with books and daily school essentials, meaning you must look for bags with structure and ergonomics built-in. Otherwise backpacks will put too much strain on your kids back and shoulders. Look for thick, adjustable, and ergonomic straps.

Backpacks For High Schoolers

The older your kids get the more the desire for style and function, and many kids in this age group are looking for a school bag that isn’t a traditional backpack design. Herschel has a large selection of bags that are cool and functional. Zebella has plenty of options for teens that are stylish enough to double as overnight or travel bags. And never count out classic backpack brands like JanSport which we mentioned earlier, but opt for the product lines designed for teens and adults. High schoolers may also want a smaller pack or crossbody bag for their extracurricular activities. Last but not least, look for bags designed for your teenager’s increasingly connected lifestyle. This includes multiple electronics pouches, earbud slots, and a backpack with a USB charger built-in.

While you can find a large selection of backpacks in stores like Marshalls, Target, Walmart, and your favorite department stores—the largest selection can be found online.