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Your Baby is Late. Now What? 10 Things To Help You Pass The Time

Baby Is Overdue? 10 Things To Help You Pass The Time

You’ve been on “baby watch” for a few weeks now, and still… nothing. Your days are getting pretty complicated now that baby is overdue and it’s all you can think about. Instead of yet another list of what you can do to naturally induce your pregnancy, here are some things you can do to simply pass the time!

Baby is overdue? Here are 10 things to help you pass the time:


While your to-do list is probably pages long, your number one priority when baby is overdue should simply be to rest. You need the strength and energy for labor and delivery. And as hard as it is to sleep now, sleep will be even harder to come by in the next few weeks — so try to enjoy it while you can! 

Exercise Ball

Anytime you sit down- whether to watch TV or to catch up on some emails, sit/bounce on your exercise ball. This helps open up your hips, getting baby into optimal position. Now that baby is overdue, I’m sure you want all the help you can get.

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Especially if you baby is overdue in the summertime, just a walk around the block can feel like a marathon. However, walking is a great (and peaceful) way to not only pass the time but is also an excellent exercise for a woman who has reached full term.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Whip out the materials from your childbirth class and start practicing the breathing techniques daily! These will help you relax now while keeping you prepared for labor when it does come — and it will come!


While exercise might feel close to impossible when you’re over 40 weeks pregnant, swimming is actually the perfect workout. Relax, stay strong for labor, and help baby maintain the perfect position for birth.

Baby Is Overdue? 10 Things To Help You Pass The Time

Time with Your Partner

You’ve probably had what you thought was your “last date before baby” more than once, but it’s true! Once baby gets here, it could be a while before you two get some alone time- enjoy it now!

Take Pictures

You might hate the way you look in pictures right now, but one day soon you will marvel at the way your body transformed to grow and nourish your favorite little person- and those photographs documenting it will be invaluable.

Clever Comebacks

This is the best thing you can do to pass the time when your baby is overdue. It’s time to come up with witty responses when people ask you, “Still no baby?” Scour the internet for the perfect memes to send via text and email- at least you will get a good laugh out of it!

Make Freezer Meals

Make meals that can be stored in your freezer and then easily reheated and eaten once baby is here. You won’t want to plan, prep, cook, and wait for meals to cook when you have a newborn, so you’ll be glad you have a quickly accessible supply of grub! Check out this article for more ideas. 


It’s redundant and you might be so over all of the suggestions for “me time,” but seriously- take advantage of it! Go to a movie, take a bath… enjoy the things that you may not be able to do in the (very) near future.

Your baby will be here any day, and all of this “waiting” time is just a part of the beautiful birth story that you will remember fondly. You’ve got this!

Your baby is late. Now what? No one is happy when baby is overdue. Instead of obsessing over when baby will come, here are 10 things to help pass the time.

Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Andrew, and their two children, Aaron and Clare. She loves to travel (even with kids!), find a good bargain, and enjoys an iced chai latte with soy milk every now and then. When she’s not wrangling the kids at the playground or the zoo, she can be found practicing hand lettering, reading about pregnancy and natural childbirth, or testing out a new recipe in the kitchen.