Valentine’s Day is officially here and I’m here to share some of the best activities to do with your kids to celebrate this fun holiday. There are so many easy crafts that are low budget and simple to do that will get your kids in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.
Valentine Mailboxes: A classic favorite taken straight from the classroom. Use an old shoebox and cover with pink or red paper. Use stickers or self-sticking foam shapes to decorate the box. Cut a small slit in the top of the shoebox for the Valentine’s to go in! This makes Valentine giving and receiving so much more fun!
Conversation Heart Bingo: Print out bingo cards themed for Valentine’s Day or DIY your own using a chart and putting Valentine’s Day words in the spaces. Use conversation heart candies as markers. Have a sweet treat for the winner of the game!
Valentine’s Science Project: Create a molecular looking creation by using Valentine gummy candies like jelly hearts or sugared hearts and connecting with toothpicks. A fun and super easy way to build a tower using sweets!
Butterfly Valentines: Use a shape cutter or cut by hand two medium sized hearts out of pink or red paper. Glue a clothespin in the center of these two hearts to create a butterfly and its wings. Decorate with a small heart for a face on top of the clothespin complete with googly eyes and a marker smile. Decorate how you (or your child) desire!

Valentine Yarn Hearts: Cut hearts out of cardboard. Use pink or red yarn to wrap the entire piece of cardboard multiple times to create a 3D effect. Hang these hearts with twine or extra yarn to form a garland to decorate the house for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Hopscotch: Use pink and red paper to draw hearts on with black marker. Number each heart 1 through 10. Tape the paper out on the floor and use small disks to through to determine which space you must get to.
All of these activities are super easy and affordable to do this Valentine’s Day. They are so simple and make the holiday much more fun and festive! Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day!
Katelyn May
Katelyn May
Katelyn goes to college in Los Angeles, California. She loves the beach, golden retrievers and all shades of blue. She loves to stay active by hiking, biking and dancing.