Sure you may already know that a party has to have an adequate amount and selection of food, beverages, music, and people, but hosting a great party is about much more than meeting the bare minimum requirements. Whether you’re hosting a shower, birthday, or gala, giving your guests a unique and amazing experience is what one should aim for when planning a party.

Themed Décor

Go beyond regular balloons and streamers! Choose a theme for your party and everything else will fall into place. It’s easy to decide on types of decorations, food options, and location if you have a theme or even just a color scheme in mind. I.e., an aquarium-themed kids birthday party will warrant a cake shaped like a fish and other underwater elements.

A Dress Code

Piggybacking off of the last point, giving your guests an exciting dress option will add interest and lots of laughs to your party. Go beyond what’s been done a hundred times. Combine two common themes for something extra exciting – like Great Gatsby Luau or French Fiesta.

Adequate Seating

This is obvious for a dinner party, but if you’re hosting an event longer than 2 hours, you should have seating readily available that isn’t obtrusive to the flow of the party. If you worry about not having enough seating, adding a dancing area or high-top tables will alleviate that issue – so guests can alternate standing and sitting in a natural flow.


Not just for kids birthday parties or poker nights, games are a great way to break the ice at the beginning of a party. Having even just a deck cards on hand can help make introductions flow smoothly.


When you have a party, you’re bringing a lot of people together into one place. Chances are, not everyone has been to that place – whether its a banquet hall or your home. Provide directions that are easily accessible – in the invitation or on the Facebook Event Page. (P.S., Make your event page private so as not to share your personal information publicly.)


Not everyone eats meat, and not everyone drinks alcohol. The best hosts take measures to accommodate all of their guests. Make sure you have plenty of options for all types of people at your event.

Camille Barron
Camille Barron
Camille is a New York native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves yoga, running, nutrition, and fashion, and is grateful for the opportunity to share important information with parents. You can check out more of her writing on her personal blog at