When it’s cold outside, children (and you!) begin to get restless cooped up inside the house, winter seems to go on forever. Backyard romps and playdates at the park seem like a distant faraway dream.

While activities may be limited to indoors, there are many solutions to keep kids entertained while inside for such long periods of time. The following activities can be fun for the whole family – so you too, can stay busy instead of whiling away the days until spring.

1. Turn the living room into a movie theater.

Miss any good movies this year? Catch up now! Hang up a sheet and set up a projector for maximum effect.  Make gourmet popcorn (check out a list of 50 different types to make here). The beauty of this setup is that, besides saving tons of money on tickets and snacks, pajama attire is encouraged. Also, since it’s also Oscar season, the adults can familiarize themselves with the nominations after the kids go to bed.

2. Plan a Family Game Night.

There are board games available for every age range and interest. Having a family game night ensures you can cover each child (and parent’s) favorite. Even if you have very little ones, teaching them now (see #5 below!) will be a source of joy for years to come. Have older kids? Perhaps try something more advanced, like poker. Make things interesting by betting chores, if you dare. Check out our advice on planning the perfect family game night.

3. Visit a local Museum.

Your local children’s museum will have a full day’s worth of adventures and activities for kids. Between science experiments and interactive exhibits, they will be entertained for hours. You could also try an aquarium, space museum, or art museum if your children have a niche interest, or as they get older. Check out destatemuseums.org to see all of the museums in your local area.

4. Bake something.

The activity of baking teaches valuable skills – measurement, precision, patience – and what better reward for such virtues than a delicious treat when all’s finished? Cookies are always a safe bet with kids (plenty for everyone!) – check out Martha Stewart’s list of Can’t Resist Cookie Recipes for Kids or this gluten free option.  

5. Learn something new.

Have you or your kids expressed an interest in trying a new hobby? Knitting, guitar, or photography? Now is the time to take advantage of all the time inside to focus on learning something new. Signing up for classes via Groupon or through your local rec center is an option, but these days, with so many available YouTube tutorials, you don’t have to break the bank or leave the comfort of your own home.

What activities do you like to pursue with your families in the winter? Let us know in the comments below.

Camille Barron
Camille Barron
Camille is a New York native living in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves yoga, running, nutrition, and fashion, and is grateful for the opportunity to share important information with parents. You can check out more of her writing on her personal blog at www.serialoutfitrepeater.com.