In our family the beginning of a new year also invites a new beginning to organize and get a handle on some of our finances. Perhaps you’re looking for some ways to make or save some extra cash? If that is the case, these ten tips to cut your water bill are simple daily practices that will help you save.

My favorite part? Your simple lifestyle adjustments are also going to help care for our beautiful, wonderful Earth! Check out these 10 ways to cut your water bill and get your finances in order. 

If you’re looking to set some other goals, here are some healthy New Year’s resolutions.

10 Ways To Cut Your Water Bill

10 Ways To Cut Your Water Bill Once & For All

Use your dishwasher and only run it when it’s full

It will always save you money to use your dishwasher instead of washing by hand,  especially if you own a high efficiency appliance. Just be sure that you have done your best to fill it up completely before running to get the most bang for your buck.

Switch to a shower head with less flow

I love luxurious waterfall shower heads as much as the next guy but if money saving is the name of the game, it may be a good idea to consider trading out your shower head for a low flow shower head. This is an easy and affordable way to reduce the amount of water you use and waste.

Collect rainwater to water plants

If you are a gardener or if you just love to decorate your home with fresh plants, try using collected rainwater to water your plants instead of freshwater out of the faucet or hose. You can use a rainwater barrel or simply leave a few open containers outside to collect rain depending on the amount of water you need for your plants. At the end of the day ANY recycled water you use will equate to savings for you.

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Only wash full loads of clothes

Even with high efficiency washing machines, it is still most cost effective to run full loads of laundry. Allow your washer to fill up completely before pressing the start button. Tip: wash with cool tap water instead of hot water. Cool water is gentler on your clothes and colors and it will save you money because your washer won’t have to run water until it’s hot.

Take your car to a car wash instead of doing it yourself

While you may save yourself $5-10 by washing your car on your own, you will be using more water that goes un-recycled. Instead, weigh out the benefits of having your car washed: less water waste, water is usually recycled, less cleaning product used, and it saves you a bit of energy for more important things.

Take a shower and reduce the amount of time that you’re in the shower

Taking a quick shower instead of taking a bath is another simple way to save some cash. Try setting a timer to keep track of how long you’re in the shower. See if you can keep it under 10 minutes. Everyone likes a hot bath every now and then but consider making it an exception instead of part of your daily routine.

10 Ways To Cut Your Water Bill Once & For All

Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth or shave

Shut off the water when you don’t need it. You’ll save gallons of water over the course of the week with this simple habit.

Fix leaky faucets

Next time you see a faucet leaking, imagine nickels dripping out of the faucet and going down the drain. Don’t hold off on repairing your faucet — keep some extra supplies on hand to save you a trip to the hardware store next time your faucet needs a quick repair.

Place a water bottle full of gravel in the toilet tank

This is a new tip that I found while preparing for this list! I thought it was genius! Putting water bottles of gravel in your toilet tank will cause the toilet to use less water each time you flush. This is an effortless way to save gallons of water that will translate to dollars off your monthly bill.

Upgrade your appliances

If the option is available to you, consider purchasing high efficiency appliances, faucets or even rainwater systems if it interests you. While this is the most expensive option, you’re guaranteed to save money and cut your water bill.

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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