Being able to ride a bike is an essential skill your child should have, however it’s not always the easiest skill to teach. There are many different ways to go about teaching your child to ride a bike, but here are some of the best tips so your child learns the fastest!
  1. Get ready w/ lots of padding | Your child will most likely fall down a lot. That’s all a part of the learning process, but be sure to take the proper precautions for injuries. Strap knee pads and elbow pads to your child and don’t forget to wear a helmet! This will make falling down way less of a big deal if it doesn’t hurt very bad!
  2. Pick a good bike + a good spot | As much as the actual learning technique is important, it is just as important to get a good beginner’s bike for your child. Pick one that is not too big or not too small; this could be perhaps the bike they already have, but simply with the training wheels removed. Also choose a location that is flat and free of traffic to go about learning to ride a bike.
  3. Try coasting first | The first moments on a bike without training wheels can be daunting, and attempting to maintain your balance can be difficult. Help your child to “coast” or just glide on the bike without touching the ground for a few seconds by letting go for just a few moments. This can help with children learning how to balance their weight properly.
  4. Teach pedaling | Pedaling is one of the best ways to actually keep your balance on a bike so teach your child how to pedal using a medium speed and keeping their feet steady on the pedals. Do a few exercises where your child pedals as you hold onto the bike and then again, let go for a few moments.
  5. Always remember to teach braking | How many times have you seen in movies where the child has just learned to ride the bike, but ends up crashing because they don’t know how to stop? Ensure that your child understands to pedal backwards (for most bikes) to brake. Practice this exercise along with the other exercises to make certain that is is understood.
  6. Now practice | Once your child has gotten the hang of biking go for a bike ride in a low traffic area going at a leisurely pace and making wide turns. Be sure to wear a helmet and anticipate any falls; that’s just a part of learning!

Have any tips and tricks to teaching your child to ride a bike? Share them below!

Katelyn May
Katelyn May
Katelyn goes to college in Los Angeles, California. She loves the beach, golden retrievers and all shades of blue. She loves to stay active by hiking, biking and dancing.